Thursday, February 24, 2011

Eric Joyner 7th Grade

Eric Joyner is an artist who's main focus for his art is Robot and Donuts.  We looked at paintings by Joyner before we started our project.  Once we understood what he painted we came up with ideas for the students to draw.  We included Robots and Donuts as a must so we can keep with Eric Joyners theme.  The students really seemed to enjoy this project.

Jazz Band

The 7th Graders made Jazz Band Posters for the up and comming MJHS Jazz Band.  The students looked at old Jazz Band posters to get their ideas for what Jazz posters look like.  We discussed where Jazz came from and how it has grown through the years.  This lesson was also tied into Black History Month. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

6th Grade Parody

This project seems to be on almost every blog I check out, So why not give it a try.  The students seemed intrested in this project at first but had the most trouble when they were able to draw the characters exactly like the cartoons.  The most popular characters were from Family Guy, South Park, and Disney but I do enjoy a random dinosaur from time to time.

2nd Grade Flowers

This was a project I found on another blog.  It was a one day project that the students seemed to really enjoy.  We took large Purple paper and drew out a table then decorated it with a Pattern, then we cut out a vase from another piece on construction paper, and Finally we crumbled up tissue paper and glued them on where the flowers would be and connected the stems.  It was a little of a rush for a one day project but it was worth it. 

4th Grade Andy Warhol

For this Andy Warhol POP Art project we worked with everyday objects, and turning them into Guitars!