Monday, August 27, 2012

Lets start the year off with some WIP's

WIP's--(works in progress)
Its a hard thing to start posting on the blog right when school starts.  I have a full day with the students going over the class rules along with getting them use to the new schedule.  Once school is fully underway I will be able to post on a bi-weekly manner, but as of right now no students have finished work yet.  So very soon you will be seeing some finished projects.  In the meantime here are some WIP's

7th Grade is working with values 

6th grade is working the grayscale 

If your not DIRTY your not working hard enough!

4th Grade is learning to write in Block Letters.

5th grade is working with a profile of their head.

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  1. I like your works in progress!!! Every start is very interesting and useful! Thanks for sharing! Miriam