Tuesday, October 2, 2012


This is the most recent project that the 7th Graders have completed.  One of my 8th Grade art club members was on pintrest and saw a topography idea and decided that they wanted to do it and since it was easy to explain we kept it going with the 7th graders.  The students begin with drawing an organic shape on a large piece of construction paper.  After they have it cut out they re-trace it on another piece and copy the line only a little smaller.  They keep this up until their pieces become small.  Once all the pieces are cut out they start to glue them together and put a small piece of styrofoam in between them to get the height to really show.  A suggestion is to try and place the styrofoam above one another, it will make it easier to press down once it has been built up.  Enjoy


  1. Great idea! I'm going to have my 7s do this as part of our geo unit on topographical mapping.

  2. I came across your pictures on Pinterest and fell in love! I finally managed to borrow some of your ideas and fit them into our Mountain topic. Here are some of our results if interested:
    Thanks a lot for this great post :)

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  4. id think younger kids would be great with this just as practice with scissors.