Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fall Time

This is a project that Im hearing a lot of positive reviews from the 5th graders.  For the lesson I introduced them to Colored Chalk Pastels and gave a quick demo on how to use them.  We talked about fall time and what perspective was and the students were then given time to get the hills, and background done with the Pastels, which was messy and they enjoyed that.  The next class period we talked about Vincent van Gogh and about how his paintings had movement in them.  Then we got out Oil Pastels and on top of the chalk we drew out movement lines.  We then went over perspective again and talked about how trees would get smaller the further away they are from the foreground.  This was a great project to get the students introduced to Chalk Pastels.
This is a project I found on another teachers blog that I thought would be a great lesson (once I remember where I found it I will give out the credit)

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