Saturday, December 8, 2012

Olly Moss

Olly Moss is a designer from the UK and besides graphics he creates Pop Culture silhouettes.  It was such a great idea that I had to use it for the art club.  Each student choose a character that they thought could be recognizable, then they drew them and cut them out with scrapbooking paper so our colors would be vibrant, finally they glued them down and created an oval frame around their character.    These became pretty popular with the 7th grade, the classes would come in after Art Club each morning to see what new characters were done the day before.  The last picture is them all completed and at the local Affordable Art Show in Paducah.

                                                                                                      Tinker Bell
                                                                                                       Hey Arnold Crew
                                                                                                      Beauty and the Beast
                                                                                                      Bart Simpson
                                                                                                       Scooby Doo
                                                                                                      Wicked Witch
                                                                                                       Timmy Turner
                                                                                                          Mario Brothers
                                                                                                         Sponge Bob


                                                                                                     Gale (Hunger Games)

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