Monday, May 14, 2012

2 point Perspective

The 5th Grade recently finished their 2 point perspective paintings.  I found this project on a blog but can not recall the name.  Regardeless the 5th grade did a pretty good job for our first attempt at this.  Please excuse my shadow on a couple of these. 

Butterflies at night

In the 2nd grade we painted butterflies, and since I dont usually let the younger grades paint with black they were pretty intent on wanting to do the background in black, so we said they were flying at night.  The colors really seemed to pop off of that background, espically in person.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wayne Thiebaud

The newest project from the 7th grade class Wayne Theibaud.  For this project we went to the computer lab and found desserts that they wanted to draw.  Then they did a sketch in the computer lab and brought that sketch back to the room to draw out on big paper.  Once they were drawn out the students began to paint them.  My main concern was for them to have colorful backgrounds and they did a great job with that. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hidden Hands

This is a project I found on the  I thought that this project was going to be to much for the 7th grade to handle because they were to paint on thier hands, but they were really good about it and they turned out great.  The student really seemed to enjoy this, espically after they saw the photo of the work. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


This could be our biggest project of the year.  For this project it takes about 2 full weeks of work to finally get to the end of the project.  Each student gets their face plastered from the other people at their table.  We use plaster gauze to create these masks.  The students lay down on the table while the other students administer the gauze.  Once the students have two layers applied to their faces they are seated up front till the plaster can be removed from their faces.  Finally when all the students have had their face done we begin to paint.  Students are allowed to paint them any way they choose.  Most choose to do a Jackson Pollock splater paint.  The pictures below show the proceses the students go through along with some of the masks after they have been painted.