Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Book Cover Illustration

We have been talking about careers that one can have in art and Illustration is a big one.  We talked about how to come up with ideas and what illustrators do.  One thing of course is illustrating books.  I choose a book that all 4th graders can relate to.  THe students had to do 2 practice drawings and titles for their book before I let them have the Goosebumps cover paper, once they had that they needed to illustrate their cover the best they could.  After that we displayed them on the lockers for all to see.


These are from the 6th graders.  We talked about what they needed do to create a symmetrical drawing.  The students created these on a 6x6 piece of paper, they drew them out with a pencil and then they traced with sharpie markers.  Once they were traced with sharpie they turned them over and retraced them so that they have the same design on both sides.  One side is left black and white while the other is colored.   We hole punched the corners and hung them up in the 6th grade hall.

Perspective under water

I have a mission to make sure that my 5th graders understand perspective so this is our 3rd or 4th project on this subject matter.  I think they are getting a hold of it.  Found this project on Pintrest a while ago and it turned out pretty well.   This was an idea I got from Once upon an artroom which is a great site as well. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Wayne Thiebaud

Here are some 2nd grade Wayne Theibaud drawings we did the other day.  I had a sweet tooth that day and the only way to get rid of it was to draw some sweets.  We even made the cake 3d which is a great task with 2nd grade.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Here are some cute pigs the 1st graders worked on.

Art Club Masks

Here are some masks that the Art club made for Mardi Gras, They took a little longer than expected but turned out very nice.  We have them displayed in our schools library.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Faith Ringgold and Tar Beach

Here is my new take on Faith Ringgold's Tar Beach.  I read the book to the 3rd graders and then we talked about her favorite place the George Washington bridge.  I passed out Sharpies and blue construction paper.  I had the students do a draw along to get it right.  After we had everything drawn we got out construction paper and made the buildings.  Then we drew ourselves instead of Faith, once we had it drawn we cut her out and then we cut a small strip of paper and folded it up tight and glued it to the person and the sky so that the kids are flying.  This was fun to switch it up with out doing the regular project I have done for the last couple of years.

Picasso with 4th Grade

Here was another pintrest find that I know I didn't pin.  We stared by talking about Picasso and his perspective on how he drew certain faces.  Then we started with a small piece of cardboard and then cut out a small small piece of construction paper in an upside down U shape.  We then got newspaper and traced the same size U shape and then drew a profile on it so that both papers would be the same hight.  They glued the profile onto the construction paper and then drew the eyes and body.  The next day we painted the background and glued hair on to the heads and decorated the backgrounds.

Monday, March 4, 2013

linoleum cuts with the Art Club

Here are a few examples of the art clubs linoleum cuts that are going to be shipped off to New York to be in this show to help the Rochester Contemporary Art Center.  I had more to show but had already sealed the envelopes before realizing that I forgot to take pictures of everyones.  The students did a really nice job on this project and no one cut themselves, which was the first in many years!