Monday, September 30, 2013

Installation work

 This is a project that accumulated from the first picture.  My students are not very thoughtful when cutting paper or resourceful, everything has to be new and if there is any damage to a paper they need a new one.   So this project was created to use all of the scrap you see in the first picture.
I came up with the idea of using Dale Chihuly as my inspiration, because of his instillation work, In particular this work, with flowers over head.  I put together a powerpoint of other artist who do instillation work to show the students to get them motivated for this work.
We took all of the scraps, Art Paste, and styrofoam bowls and started creating our own bowls/flowers.  (I didnt want to use the word flowers very much to keep the boys motivated)
The students dipped the scraps in the art paste and then layered it onto the bowls, the next day once they had dried the bowls popped right out of the bowls and the students trimmed the edges, then began work on another.  When they were all done we talked about where to place this instillation and had come up with the place between the cafeteria and the gym where almost every student walks.  The students were really impressed when it was displayed and I got down to a small box of confetti like scraps.

Value Scale

For this project I had the students write their names out and overlap them.  Once that was done they went back and filled in each section with a value scale of a color.  I have done this project before only not with color pencils.  I like the color better!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


This is a fun project I have did with the 5th graders.  We traced each persons face on a piece of paper, then we separated their heads into sections and had them fill it with patterns and designs.  Finally I let them decide if they wanted to decorate the background of cut it out and glue it to a piece of construction paper.

Wire Sculpture

So this is a project I found off of the blog Dali Moustache  We started with woodblocks and 18 gauge wire.  We twisted the wire, covered it with pantyhose and then gessoed the whole thing.  After it dried we got out our neon paint and let the students have full range in painting them.  The 7th grade students that saw the 8th graders working on them were all pretty excited about how they were looking and turning out.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

6th Grade and Zentangle

I have recently been into the idea of doing large projects with students.  This is my first undertaking with the idea.  I wanted to do zentangles and had the idea of adding the color wheel to the project.
To start this project I gridded out 6x6 squares on a couple large sheets of paper (36x18).  Then I drew out a large ribbon through all of the squares. I then put a tiny dot of color in each square so the students knew what color to color it.  I also put the # on the back and while the students were working I had them write down their name on a small version, so that if I couldn't read the # due to the sharpie I could at least identify where the square belonged.  Each one turned out different and unique but it looks great all together.    

Friday, September 6, 2013

Hand Lettering

This is my first project with my 8th grade Art Club.  We talked about hand lettering and I showed them a lot of examples I found on pinterest.  Then I asked my 7th grade teachers to each send me a quote they would like to see around the school, and these are some of the results.  Sorry about the glare I laminated them before I took the picture.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Complementary colors

This was an introduction project for the 3rd grade about complementary colors.  I had them trace their hand and color it in with the primary colors.  After that the background color had to be the complement to the primary color.  It turned out pretty well and made the students think before they colored.