Thursday, February 6, 2014


So we have had a snow day every day this week which is making it real hard for me to post on here.  So I decided to just share one of the ideas I have up in my classroom.  I wanted to introduce students to photography and this seemed to be the easiest way.  Each week there is a new challenge listed outside my classroom.  I give a reward for anyone who participates and then the person I think did the best job gets to choose the theme for the next week.  This seems to be pretty successful with about 1/2 the students in each class participating.  This is just for fun, no grade is taken.  Hopefully we will be back in school and I can post some new art sometime in the future.
Also I laminated this so I just use a dry erase marker and continue to erase the challenges each week.


  1. This is such a great idea! What grades participate, and do they hand in a printed picture or do they e-mail it to you?

    Great Blog, thanks for the fun ideas!

    1. I do this with 7th grade and I have them show me their pictures on their phones. I know its not ideal but it works and its quick.
      Thanks for checking the blog out.

  2. Love this idea! What do you do to reward those who participated?

  3. So do you have them take their own photos and use this hashtag? Or are they searching to find an existing photo that fits the challenge?