Thursday, January 30, 2014

Graffiti 3d

The art club has been working on these, we discussed different types of fonts that street artists uses.  Then I had the students choose their own street name and we drew it out on cardboard, painted it, and hot glued them together.


One of my first projects with a new group of 7th graders.  It took a while but the results are great.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Perspective 4th Grade

So this project is coming from a post I found HERE.  This was a pretty great project for teaching perspective, value scale, and coloring techniques.  We started by talking about perspective and then I did a demo of how to draw this with the students following along.  After they drew everything with a pencil first we went over it with a sharpie.  We talked about what a value scale was and then we did a couple of practice value scales to get the students to use to doing the value scale.   After that we colored the picture. This was a 2 day project.


This is my latest attempt at Mondrian with my 3rd graders.  We began by discussing primary colors and Mondrian drawings.  We started by tracing our hands with markers, then we put a large X (corner to corner) then I asked the students to draw 3 more lines to separate the drawing.  Finally we colored it with the primary colors and I let them leave some white if they choose to.

Picasso Vs. Super Heroes

Here are a few of the Art Clubs Picasso vs. Superman drawings.   We saw these on pinterest and decided to try them out.   We viewed a couple of Picasso drawings and then chose our super heroes.  The students really seemed to enjoy choosing their heroes, they did 2 practice drawings before they began their final drawing.