Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Abstract Art

This is a project that I do with the students that I have based off of my own ART WORK .  I know that is a little conceded but the students like it and I get great results.  For this project we first look at my work, I usually bring in a piece for them to view.  We discuss what abstract art is and what it is not.  I have examples from Jackson Pollock and DeKooning to show off to students.  I explain that they are not trying to make something rather go with their feelings on what colors go where.
To start this project we use transparencies that are usually used for over head projectors (I also cut them in half so its about 5x8).  I have the students coat the whole thing in rubbing alcohol with a paper towel.  After that the students use Alcohol  Ink and drip it on top of the transparency.  I dont have the students touch or manipulate the ink once its on the paper.  For extra help with mixing the ink you can add more rubbing alcohol on top of the ink that will get it to move or use alcohol solution, that will also let the ink "dance"
This process only takes about 5-10 min to dry and I have the students do about 3-5 of these.  After all of the art has dried I have the students layer their ink papers on top of one another to have the students get a good composition.  We talk about what makes a good composition and what doesn't, we also talk about what Feels right and why it is successful one way compared to another.  After they have chosen they way they want it displayed we put it behind white paper and put a mat up around it.  They really brighten up a hall way.
There are some easy cross curricular activities to go with this project, if you need any ideas please feel free to contact me.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Soda Designs

4th graders are working on designing a soda can along with a slogan that represents their brand.  We spend some time at the beginning of this project looking over different brands and slogans for soda.  After that the students may use any material to decorate their cans. 

Lego Self portraits

I attended a conference recently and had to miss some classes.  For my 1st-3rd graders I had the sub do a self portrait of the students as lego people.  Apparently one of my students is spiderman.


This is one of my favorite projects to do with the 7th grade students.  We work based off of a graffiti artist from San Paulo Brazil named Highraff.  He uses a lot of organic shapes in his work that we bring to our own work.  The background is done with color pencils and I ask the students to choose warm or cool colors to fill the background with.  Once the background is done the students get another piece of paper and draw out more organic shapes and color them with markers.  After that is done we talk about overlapping shapes and floating some on top of one another with smaller pieces of paper.


This is a great project to challenge 4th grade students into following directions.   We started with a 8x11 piece of paper and drew out a checkerboard pattern only using wavy lines instead of straight.  Then we put a wavy X in the middle of each square.  From there each triangle gets colored except for the top, we used different materials such as crayons, color pencils, and markers all within the same color hue.  After it was all colored we glued it down in a wavy fashion to a piece of construction paper the same color as their work.  All of them turned out pretty successful.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Pattern Hearts

This project with the first graders took some time.  I drew out the hearts and lines for them and then we discussed the pattern and inside outside inside outside a lot!!  We used printer paper and they needed to do four.  Once they were done we taped them all together for a large picture. The students loved seeing how big of a picture they made.  This idea came from HERE

Javier Perez

Here is a project that I did with my 6th grade art club students based off the artist Javier Perez.  After I did this with a small group of students I have introduced this to my 7th graders and they are doing these for free draw and they seem to really enjoy it.

Value Hearts

This project I found on artsonia.  It was a really nice project to remind students on the technique of the value scale and an easy way to do a Jim Dine/ Valentines day project.

Symmetry 5th grade

I did this project after I worked with the 7th graders on their symmetry.  It was close to the same assignment.  I was curious what different grade levels do on the same project.  Not to make it exact I had the 5th graders use color.

Thursday, February 6, 2014


So we have had a snow day every day this week which is making it real hard for me to post on here.  So I decided to just share one of the ideas I have up in my classroom.  I wanted to introduce students to photography and this seemed to be the easiest way.  Each week there is a new challenge listed outside my classroom.  I give a reward for anyone who participates and then the person I think did the best job gets to choose the theme for the next week.  This seems to be pretty successful with about 1/2 the students in each class participating.  This is just for fun, no grade is taken.  Hopefully we will be back in school and I can post some new art sometime in the future.
Also I laminated this so I just use a dry erase marker and continue to erase the challenges each week.